7 Train Panoramas

7 Train Panoramas
Dimensions: 72″ wide x 48″ deep x 12″ high (on 24″ pedestal). 183 cm wide x 122 cm deep x 30 cm high (on 61 cm pedestal)

Media: clay, paint, varnish, archival board, glue, wood
Date: 2012

7 Train Panoramas is a sculptural interpretation of the roof-top architecture visible from the 7 train, organized into a quilt-like structure. The forms (made from clay and painted paper- board) reflect the haphazard array of satellite dishes, antenna, skylights, vents, barbed wire, graffiti etc. that mark the landscape (which as a commuter, my eyes graze over daily). Part of my aim is to create order from this disarray; to transform what are considered eyesores into objects of delicacy and beauty.

This sculpture was partially funded by the Queens Council on the Arts (through the NYCDCA Greater NY Arts Development Fund).