Five Towers (Maldive, Georgian I, Coptic, Glagolitic, and Georgian II)
Specific Dimensions/Dates:
13″ wide x 39″ high x 12″ deep | 33 cm wide x 99 cm high x 30 cm deep
Date: 2008

Georgian I
13″ wide x 33″ high x 9″ deep | 33 cm wide x 84 cm high x 23 cm deep
Date: 2008

Georgian II
8″ wide x 24″ high x 6.5″ deep | 20 cm wide x 61 cm high x 16.5 cm deep
Date: 2008

Maldive Tower
13″ wide x 31″ high x 13″ deep | 33 cm wide x 79 cm high x 33 cm deep
Date: 2009

Coptic Tower
24″ wide x 37″ high x 18″ deep | 61 cm wide x 94 cm high x 46 cm deep 
Date: 2010

Media all: paper, acrylic paint, varnish, museum board, wood

Each tower is comprised of forms that are derived from extinct alphabets. I trace and make templates of the letters, and then accumulate and arrange the individual paper pieces to create multi-leveled landscapes. I see the work as a way of interpreting type architecturally, creating physical environments that exploit the beauty and intricacy of each letter’s formal qualities, whether geometric or calligraphic. The idea of creating “monuments” based on the lost remnants of culture also adds a tinge of absurdity. But ultimately, these towers present a personal, utopian architecture through melding the decorative and sculptural.