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November 2015 review of "Grandchildren: New Geographies of Belonging" exhibition at Depo, Istanbul, by Erden Kosova

March 2011 "'Çiniler, iç içe geçmiş kültürlerimizin vasiyetiydi bizlere'" by Ohannes Şaşkal, interview in Turkish about Blind Dates collaboration with Elif Uras. With images. (Abridged Armenian translated-version also included)

November 2010 "Talking Turkey" by Berin Golonu, paragraph about Blind Dates collaboration with Elif Uras in article about contemporary Turkish art, with image.

October 2008 "Studio Visit: Linda Ganjian" artist profile by Christopher Atamian, from the print edition, with images.

December 2007, Miami roundup by Ben Davis, mention and picture of Avestan sculpture at Aqua Art Fair (with eyewash gallery)

October 3, 2007, review of Socrates Sculpture Park EAF show, by Angela Starita

Winter Newsletter 2006, profile of the artist by Brendan Tapley

November 2006, review of "Urban Designs" solo exhibition at eyewash@Boreas gallery, by Stephanie Cash

(New Jersey edition), August 2006, review of "Aljira Emerge 7" at Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art, by Benjamin Genocchio

July 2006, review with pictures of "Portable" at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, by Laurie Manfra

March 2006, review of "Urban Designs" at eyewash@Gallery Boreas, by William Powhida

March 2006, blurb about "Urban Designs"

October 2005, review of "Flavor Intensive: Five Sculptors" at Triangle Arts, by John Goodrich

May 2005, Art mention/picture of public performance at Parker's Box IAM5! Art Fair, by Linda Yablonsky

May 2005 (web & print), artist profile by Ben Davis

(New Jersey edition), February 2005, review of "Critic's Select" at the Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts, by Benjamin Genocchio

September 2004, review of "Open House: Working in Brooklyn" at the Brooklyn Museum, by Gregory Volk

February 2003, review of "4-Squared" at eyewash at Fishtank Gallery, by Holland Cotter

Artissage (nederlands/engelse editie), March 2002, catalogue text for exhibition at Stedelijk Museum de Lakenhal, by Doris Wintgens Hotte